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The Association believes it is important to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the Association and to the student financial aid field. The Association also believes that it is important to recognize those who "go above and beyond" in performing work for the Association. The Association also believes that it is important to recognize those who have had long-term careers in the student financial aid and related fields.


The Past President chairs this program.
Retirement recognition applies to all currently active Association members - in all membership categories (active, associate)

  1. The Past President solicits information about financial aid administrators and other members who have retired within the past twelve (12) months or is retiring within the forthcoming twelve (12) months.
  2. The Professional Recognition Committee will designate approved honorees.
  3. The Past President provides this information to the Secretary, who prepares a NCASFAA Retirement Recognition Certificate for the President's signature.
  4. Information required for certificate:
    1. Name
    2. Title
    3. Date of retirement
    4. Current employer
  5. The President then sends a Retirement Recognition Certificate to the individual retiring, with a note of appreciation for his/her service to the student financial aid profession and the Association (as applicable).
  6. These retirees are recognized at the fall training conference and the spring business meeting. Such recognition may be presentation of a plaque or the President reading the names of the retirees (and other information or comments as appropriate) or by other means agreed to by the President and Conference Chair, after discussion with the Past President.

Note that retiree recognition does not include recognition of those who are leaving the student financial aid profession.


At the annual spring meeting, the President Elect presents a recognition plaque of appreciation to the outgoing President. The plaque should have a gavel and the NCASFAA Logo on it. Wording:

Name of Individual
NCASFAA President
Year of Service
In Recognition of Your Commitment to Leadership and Service to the Association

Immediately following the presentation, the President-Elect takes the gavel; although the official term of office is from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.


The Shining Star Recognition is an on-going recognition program. Any member can award a "Shining Star" to another member or group of members.

This is the recognition to be given to those who, on an on-going or a one-time basis exhibit the qualities and characteristics that contribute to a successful Association. Examples of actions that warrant Shining Star recognition include, but are not limited to:

  • being reliable and dependable, no matter what is asked
  • acts of kindness and empathy
  • exhibits of professionalism
  • leadership in committee work
  • leadership in association activities
  • mentoring others

Members may post a "Shining Star Recognition" to the Association's listserv. The posting should include the individual's name and the action(s) that led to the recognition.

The Secretary compiles the list of Shining Stars and presents that information for publication in each newsletter (the Shining Stars recognized since the last newsletter publication).

Shining Star Certificates should be presented at each conference for those recognitions since the last conference. The presentation can be an announcement in the conference program, a reading of the names during the conference, or through any other method as agreed to by the President and the Conference Chair, after discussion with the Past President.

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