Policies and Procedures Manual
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Purpose Statement: The NCASFAA Website shall be developed and maintained on the Internet to provide an additional means of communication with the membership and to be a source of information about North Carolina financial aid for high school guidance counselors.


General access to the NCASFAA website shall not be password-protected and shall allow access to all interested persons whether or not they are NCASFAA members. Only directory information will be password-protected to insure the integrity of membership data.


  1. Content should be appropriate and in keeping with the mission and goals of NCASFAA.
  2. Graphics and pictures should be kept to a minimum to insure rapid delivery of the pages
  3. Content shall include, but is not limited to:
    1. Names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the Executive Board and committee chair
    2. By-laws
    3. Policies and Procedures Manual
    4. Calendars of training activities, conferences, workshops in the NCASFAA region
    5. Conference and workshop information
    6. Election/nomination information
    7. Executive board meeting minutes
    8. Long range plan and updates
    9. Membership database
    10. NCASFAA newsletter
    11. Policies and Procedures manual
    12. Position papers/legislative updates
    13. State and High school information
    14. Other information of interest to the membership as determined by the web master or NCASFAA president
  4. The useful life span of content should be a maximum of one year (except for position papers/legislative updates which may be archived sooner), and older materials should be archived with the ability to retrieve them if necessary.
  5. Posting Material: Material given to the web master shall be added to the site as soon as practical but no later than 30 days after receipt.


The NCASFAA web page shall link to:

  1. SASFAA Web Page
  2. NASFAA Web Page
  3. Other pages of general interest to the membership



The North Carolina Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NCASFAA) owns the website domain names www.NCASFAA.com and www.NCASFAA.org. These domain names are registered through VeriSign, Inc. in Mountain View, California and the website is hosted by ATAC Corporation located in Mill Hall, Pennsylvania.


The NCASFAA listserv has been established as a mechanism for information exchange and problem resolution for use by North Carolina colleges and universities financial aid administrators and related personnel. It is intended to provide a statewide forum for the discussion of all matters relating to the ADMINISTRATION of student financial aid at North Carolina institutions of higher education.


NCASFAA listserv subscription is reserved for current NCASFAA members. Members can login to their membership profile and choose "yes" or "no" to receiving listserv postings. The listserv system updates overnight to add or remove members based on their choice.

You may post financial aid-related queries and discussion items, NCASFAA organization announcements, aid-related position vacancies, and items that can be considered "public service" in nature to the listserv. Be consideration of NCASFAA's audience. Your message must be appropriate for this listserv. If questions arise regarding how to subscribe/unsubscribe or what information can or should not be posted on the listserv, members can contact the Technology Chair for assistance.

Special note: NCASFAA is a non-profit, professional organization, therefore, listserv postings that promote or advertise goods or services are forbidden.

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