Mentor Program

NCASFAA Mentor Program Guidelines

To assist NCASFAA members to become actively involved in NCASFAA's mentor program.

A NCASFAA Mentor should:
  • Have adequate knowledge of financial aid.
  • Inform and encourage the person being mentored to attend NCASFAA conferences and other training opportunities, such as SASFAA Summer Workshop.
  • Be from the same sector when possible.
  • Not tell the person they are mentoring what to do, but provide guidelines, options and suggestions.
The Person being Mentored should:
  • Be a NCASFAA member.
  • At NCASFAA's recommendation, inform their supervisor of their request for a mentor and share any suggestions with their supervisor before implementation.
  • Participate in NCASFAA's Professional Advancement Workshops.

If mentor-related travel is necessary and the institution of the person requiring travel will not cover the cost, NCASFAA will cover the cost with a request in writing submitted to NCASFAA's Vice President for pre-approval.

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